Gummy – As A Man (Piano)

1 06 2010

LOVED this song. Even bought it ^^ MV made me love it even more since Kim HyunJoong’s in it (:

NO sheet music. Enjoy~~


SNSD – Echo (Piano)

5 05 2010

It’s like an echo, echo, echo in my brain

NO sheet music available.

Gil HakMi – Super Soul (Piano)

24 04 2010

Erm..I forgot to add it here. Life’s been so busy and I don’t think it’s gonna get any easier with all my tests coming up…but anyways, here it is.

Next up will be SNSD’s Echoo! Excited?! (:

BEAST – Take Care of My Girlfriend (Piano)

31 03 2010

I love this song (:

Oh can’t you see, I’m still loving you~~

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DOWNLOAD: CN Blue – I’m a Loner (Piano)

27 03 2010

Someone actually asked me for a download link for my piano version of CN Blue’s I’m a Loner!! I’m so surprised (:

So I made a download link just in case any of you want to download it too. ^^

Thanks again for watching my videos~

I guess I’ll be doing this with the next songs I play too (:

T-ara – I’m Really Hurt (Piano)

25 03 2010

I actually did the cover about a week ago..but I guess it slipped my mind to post it here! x]

WOOT I have 102 subscribers now ^^ Thanks guys (:

I will put up the notes when I have time..I know that I always say that I’ll put it up in a few days but I just keep forgetting :/

Oneway – Magic (Piano)

17 03 2010

Will add notes in a few days (: