Sheet Music

On my videos, a few of you have asked for sheet music.

I play all my songs by ear unless otherwise noted. However, for those of you that want sheet music, I do write out the notes and the chords I use for most of the songs. One bad thing about this is that my sheet music writing is not at all professional; instead, it’s actually a bit messy and if you are only a beginner at the piano, then I do not think that you will be able to decipher my “sheet music”. But you can always try (:

So for those of you that are desperate for sheet music, I posted the sheet music for most of the songs I’ve played. Sorry for my horrible sheet music. :/ I hope it will be able to help you a little though ^^

Some parts of the song aren’t written down because I knew how to play those parts by heart. Hopefully you can figure it out too (: Good Luck!

Also..please don’t complain to me about my sheet music. I never intended to share it with others before..that’s why it’s so bad. You’ve been warned!

Also take note of this: Some of the sheet music might be cut off on the top or bottom; that is NORMAL. In order to save paper, I just write the sheet music of a new song on the same page as the sheet music of another song if I still have space on the paper. ^^

American Sheet Music

Cpop Sheet Music

Kpop Sheet Music


7 responses

7 07 2010

Hi can you send me these following sheet music ty.
Gil HakMi – Super Soul
CN Blue – I’m a Loner (Piano)

30 10 2010
Jesse Kim

Do you take requests??
If you do, could you make a cover and/or sheet music for One Way Chance’s song Forever?
I love your covers. Thanks and keep on going, you’re an amazing pianist. :]
Jesse Ansel Kim :]

23 01 2011

can u do the song t-ara ma boo?

6 07 2012

Could you make a cover or sheet music for 2am I wonder If U hurt like me?? My friend want to play that song, but I can’t find good sheet music in google like you made here..

thank you 🙂

25 07 2012
Alexandra Aguila

do you still have anonymous friend from hi mysweetheart?

4 09 2012

hello 🙂 can you posting “Someday-IU” sheet music??

20 09 2013
Metta Kristiani

do u take request??
FT Island – Severely guitar

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