Hello there! If you’ve arrived at this site and you are reading this right now, I am assuming that you’ve seen one of my piano videos (:

About my Piano Covers

I primarily play Kpop songs because that I only started recording songs on the piano after listening to Kpop. I used to listen to a lot of Cpop, but then it kind of faded away after I discovered Kpop. (: Because I watch lots of dramas (mostly Korean and Taiwanese), I will play some OST songs at times. You can always check this blog or my Youtube accounts for updates. ^^ Also, because I live in the United States (California to be exact), I do play some American songs. But I don’t like a lot of American mainstream because I feel that a lot of the lyrics of those songs aren’t very meaningful..however, I listen to some American music (mostly R&B).

Some things you need to know about my videos:
The songs under my “favorites” list are normally the ones I’m thinking of playing.

All songs are played by EAR unless otherwise noted. (I wrote down the notes of some songs – you can find that here at the website.)

I don’t accept requests because school takes up most of my time these days. Sorry! :/ Maybe later on, I’ll allow requests.

I also don’t do ANY tutorials..unless someone knows how I can position my camera so that it’s at bird’s eye view. x]

Last but not least, for all my subscribers or just people who view my videos out there, I just want to say THANK YOU with all my heart!

About Me

I am 16 years old and a junior in high school right now.

Here come the Cs – I’m a Christian and I’m Cantonese (Chinese). I was born in Canada but I currently live in California.

I earlier mentioned that I started putting up piano covers on Youtube after learning a lot more about Kpop. If you want to read the whole story, go here.

I have been playing the piano for many years, but my teachers never really taught me piano theory..it was just playing the piano for the enjoyment of it. Which is okay..but I wish I learned more theory so that I could play songs better on the piano.

When and why did I decide to play songs on the piano and post them up on Youtube? Well, it started when in March of 2008. “Insomnia” by Craig David was released, and then later, Korean singer Wheesung was asked by Craig David to sing a Korean cover of the song. I was blown away by his cover, and then one day when I randomly went to the piano, I started playing the song. I was so shocked that I could play that song by ear! I played it for my cousins and friends and they told me to record it and post it up on Youtube. I did that, but I didn’t even expect any views on that video; I mean, there are SO MANY more people that are way better at the piano than me. But then, within a few weeks, I finally got 1,000 views. I know that to some of you, 1,000 views isn’t even a lot, but to me, to just think about the fact that 1,000 people viewed my video, it made me so happy and proud of being able to play the piano for once. After some time passed, I started getting more and more views on this video. I got lots of nice comments too ^^ This really encouraged me to start playing the piano more and to stop being so lazy all the time.

Although I’m not the best piano player out there (and I know it too), I try my best to play songs for you that others may not necessarily play on the piano. Sometimes I will play popular songs, but I mostly play the less popular songs. By doing this, I am also trying to improve at playing the piano and hopefully you can see my progress as I put more and more videos onto Youtube.

Right now I primarily use one Youtube account: xdramaxaddicttx. I did make another Youtube account for my Chinese songs and not the Kpop songs i play on xdramaxaddicttx but I only uploaded one video on it..so I decided to just “merge” the two together x]

Another thing- I absolutely LOVE all the comments you guys leave me, either here or on my Youtube channels. (:

Got anymore questions?

Feel free to contact me: euniiforeverx3@yahoo.com


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